Mitch grew up in Virginia just outside Washington D.C., and is well versed in history, art and architecture with a long appreciation for all things luxury.  He is fortunate to have grown up well traveled, has family and friends up and down the eastern seaboard, went to high school next to the C.I.A. and even had a pretty respectable wrestling record. 

Mitch earned his B.A. from Boston University, majoring in sociology & economics and then moved to Los Angeles for a career as a Teacher and Wresting Coach for Beverly Hills Unified, before becoming a Realtor. 

Mitch enjoys many outdoor activities, spending time with family & friends, furry ones or just out and about schmoozing.

Mitch has lived in various parts of town, but quickly noticed the Pacific Palisades, the Paseo Miramar Trail actually and then the Palisades as the hidden gem that it is, right here in L.A.  He knows all parts of the city, having personally lived and observed its changes over the past 25 years.  He has been in Real Estate for 3 years now and is an astute learner of the complex inner workings of the business, which is constantly changing with many new and exciting methods for practicing in the digital age. 

Mitch is a people person with a jovial wit. He is intelligent, hard working and has a thorough understanding of the luxury real estate market, contracts and negotiating. Which is why he is a wonderful choice and reliable person to work with in Selling or Buying your next Home.

Mitch is a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) and Certified Property Manager (CPM).